If we go to assisted living, what will happen to us when we have no money left? Will they ask us to leave?

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hi. :) No, they won't tell you to leave. In fact, here in Iowa, and I'm pretty sure it's this way most places, once the money and certain possessions (like homes and other property) are gone, you can apply for medicaid or elder care. Check with the social worker at whatever place you choose, and they'll help you figure out what programs are available. Here, my mom has to give all her income, receiving only $50 a month as spending money. The amount where you are may be different, but it's a very small amount.

Good luck! :D
If the assisted living place doesn't take Medicare, then yes you will have to leave otherwise how will you afford the cost?
I went through this situation and once my mom ran out of money she applied for medicaid and the assisted living had to take it. They can not just kick you out only if they don't accept it. I checked with the place in the beginning to make sure they accept this. They tried to get me to leave when it came time to apply for medicaid, but I had to fight for it and they did keep my mom. They get less money so they try to fight it.

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