My wife and I take care of a friend with ALS in our home for the past year. He is 100% dependent on us. How can we get financial help?

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twe got a caregiver to come in 8 hours the rest of the time we take care of him.his ssi check just covers the cost of the caregiver is there other bienafits out there to help out .my wife and i have full time jobs but money is very tight now. any sugesstions would help

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Try going to your state Web site. Find contact information under "aging services" or something similar and then email or call that person. You could also see if you state has 2-1-1 - it's like 9-1-1 only for services provided with contacts. Not every state is signed on, but many are.

Your friend may have to move to a nursing home eventually, as you are into around-the-clock care and it's unlikely, if you are working, you can provide this for long. You are certainly caring people.
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