My neighbor across the street is elderly and pretty much bedridden and his backyard is atrocious. He needs lawn maintenance help. Any suggestions?

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My suggestion is to check with the City you live in for Community Services. Some City Governments that offer services to help. Another option is to contact a local church. I receive notices on our Neighborhood List Server that the Lutheran Church is looking for people to help with lawn or minor repairs around the house. You don't have to belong to the church but you can utilize their services. Thanks for looking out for your neighbors.
mdickson, does the gentleman have any family? You mentioned he is pretty much bedridden. Forget the lawn, who is taking care of his needs inside the house, such as cooking, cleaning, bathroom help, etc.? Is there someone who comes in daily to help him?

You mentioned in your profile that this person has mobility issues, thus if he clear minded he can make his own decisions to continue to live in his home.  As for the yard work, this person needs to take the responsibility of home ownership and hire someone to do the work. My own Dad hire a lawn man and it worked out great.
Mormon missionaries in your area are expected to give a lot of service in the 2 years they are out "in the field". You do not have to be a member, nor even listen to their message to receive help. Just call the local ward/branch and ask. It would be listed under Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS).

Likely you also have members of the church in your neighborhood and they can steer you to these wonderful young men. (I'm a little biased, obviously, my son served 2 years in the poorest parts of Brazil and the things he did as service--well, it turned him into a man. Service is the greatest gift!!)

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