We live on my mother's SS check, and she won't change her diaper because she is trying to save money. Where can I get financial help taking care of her?

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The suggestion of try your church or non-profit agencies. St. Vincent is wonderful - we have one here in my community.

Also, try your state website. Type "aging" in the search box. You will find local support links there, and your state's version of the National Family Caregiver Support Program.If your mom isn't on Medicaid, it sounds like she should be. Please look into that, if you haven't already. Your Social Services folks can help you there.
Good luck.
When my sister was diagnosed with M.S. I couldn't find anyone to help either. But Then I found the Sisters of St. Vincent de Paul. They helped me with diapers, bandages (bed sores) found a dentist for her and most of all helped me with their visits and kept my sisters spirits up. I couldn't have done it without them. Try your church or see iff there's a St Vincent de Paul Society in your area.
You said "we" live on her SS. If you apply for Medicaid, won't she be penalized for 'gifting' you money, if she pays all/most of the bills?
If you call your local social service department they probably could help you some have lawyers that help people without charging and maybe could help you get aid for yourself so her social security money can be used for her care-if she has to go into a nursing home her social security check will go to the nursing home.

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