My mother has been on hospice care for almost 6 months. What happens when the 6 months are up?

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She is still getting around slowly. I am her caregiver. What happens when the 6 months are up? Will she have to pay for these services? Very concerned.

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She will be evaluated by the hospice group, maybe 3 weeks-30 days before the end of the current cycle.

For my mom, a RN with the hospice came to do an on-site evaluation. They already had weekly reports in her chart. Unless there’s a super dramatic change positive, hospice gets approved by Medicare for another cycle. My mom was on hospice 18 long, l...o...n...g months. Some days found her quite perky, others not so much. Hospice looks at the overall situation.

My mthr is on hospice for about 2.5 years until she stopped declining and was removed from service. She was doing so much better at that time - she started really gaining weight and getting around better after using the hospital bed that could be cranked up to help her sleep. Off service, we paid for the bed (as who knows how long she will hang on now!) and her memory care lets her use one of the wheelchairs they have around. Once she has a serious fall, we are to expect the end in 6 mos again, and hospice will restart. I love her NP and aides!!
My aunt was on hospice a couple of years before her death. She had to be reevaluated every 6 months to be sure she still qualified. The medical professionals had to say she was still expected to die within 6 months, but she wasn't required to actually die during that time. Sometimes the doctors can't really predict all that accurately.
Melaniek, No worry! If your mom is on medicare the hospice is paid by them. Hospice does an evaluation every so often, usually the patient stays on hospice unless there is a huge dramatic improvement.
My dad has been on hospice for almost 11 months. He has to be re-certified every two months. This was just done again Monday. I spoke with the nurse practitioner and she told me there is no reason for dad not to be certified as decline is obvious (weight loss and mental decline).
When the hospital recommended hospice for my mom they did not expect her to live a week. After 3 months she was evaluated again and was no longer eligible. That was obvious to us, her family as well. She would never walk again, but there was no indication she was dying. She lived another 2 years. When she died it was sudden and she was not on hospice. (My family feels that the extra care she got under hospice contributed to her recovery.)

Your mom will be evaluated, Melaniek. She will continue on hospice if she is still eligible. There will be no change in costs.

When Mom was placed on hospice a few months ago (she passed on Easter Sunday), the nurse who enrolled Mom said ANY change/decline would allow Mom to continue on hospice. The nurse mentioned that one time they (hospice) had a client who was continued on the service even though there was no reportable change, but the nurses said SOMETHING was off about the client and they couldn't put their finger on what it was, just a feeling. Take a deep breath, Melaniek, and don't forget to take care of you!
Melaniek, Hospice is paid via Medicare, thus it is free for the patient no matter how long the patient is on Hospice.
Don't worry Hospice looks for ways to keep patients on service rather than discharge them.
No she willl.Never have to pay hospice. They will re-evaluate her after the 6 months. If she is still eligible, they will be with her 6 more months.

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