My husband had stage 4 COPD and just came home from the hospital after getting pneumonia and the flu. He can no longer walk. Any ideas?

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He collapsed on the entrance of the hospital when I came to take him home. He used to be able to walk before this last flu and exacerbation episode that put him in the hospital. Does anyone have any ideas as to what happened?

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He is likely still weak from being ill as well as having lost muscle tone from being in bed in the hospital. It only took a two week respite stay in a nursing home for me to have the same thing happen with my mom, I barely was able to transfer her to the car and get her home.
Ask your doctor to prescribe some PT to see if he can regain some strength and learn to walk again.
Kathy your husband is a very sick man and when you are that sick it is not unusual for all desire for food to disappear.
The hospital stay naturally did not help him either as numerous things lead to weakness when you are confined as he was.
As you called in Hospice they must believe he is within six months of death otherwise they would not have admitted him.
Hospice rarely prescribes PT as that is another cost to them. I very much doubt a PT would try and make him walk initially. They would concentrate on exercises in the bed before they even considered allowing him to stand. it is very important to keep the arms and upper body strong so that he can assist in moving himself. It might be possible to have him stand and pivot into a chair at the bedside as long as there were two people present but don't attempt this alone without PT help.
I understand why you are so confused by the many answers you have been give. At the end of life Dr's tend to be overly optimistic in their prognosis. the Hospice RN hopefully if she is experienced recognizes the stage you husband is in. If you really want to know ask her or the hospice MD how much time do they realistically think he has.
You husbands gut has been severely traumatized by his surgeries so it would not be unusual for him not to want to eat. there is also the possibility that the cancer is spreading. i did not say that to frighten you but I always feel it is better to know the truth so you can be prepared for whatever happens next.
Hospice does not usually recommend or support tube feeding. This could be done but probably would just cause him more distress as his organs begin the fail. keeping him pain free and helping his breathing in any way possible including very small doses of morphine which is used to mask the symptoms of breathlessness which reduces anxiety. Ativan is also used to help with any anxiety. Many people disagree with the use of these drugs and you are perfectly free to refuse to use them. However once you see how much more comfortable you husband is you may change your mind. It is true they will probably make him drowsy and towards the end will probably become unconscious but remember Hospice is trying to ease suffering not hasten death. Keep asking questions till you really understand what is going on even if it is news you would rather not receive. Prayers and Blessings.
Kathy, how long was he in the hospital? When My mom was in for barely 3 days, she went to rehab. The PT said that it typically takes a week of PT to get back one day of being in the bed. I endorse cwillie's suggestion to have the doctor prescribe PT. It is amazing what they can do.
Is she suggesting end of life care and hospice? Unless that is the case I would want to at least consult a physical therapist for their input, the RN may be very good at her job but this is not her area of expertise. Even learning some range of motion exercises can be beneficial for you both, and if he can be helped to stand and pivot or even take a few steps your ability to care for him will be greatly enhanced. Once my mom reached the point she needed a lift I reluctantly had to find her a nursing home.
Just now looking at Stage 4 COPD it does seem like PT would be too difficult and dangerous with his reduced lung capacity. Even without walking or other physical exertion he could be confused due to low oxygen.
Does he see a pulmologist, receive treatment?
I gently suggest that he has received hospice because he qualifies. I’m glad you are getting help and can be with him.
Is he on oxygen?
He is on oxygen and a has a Trilogy machine to help him breath with the Cpacc mask. Do not think he would be alive with out the breathing machine that forces air into his lung. Its call a non-invasive ventilator. I also bought some pedals for him to use while sitting in homes to give his some leg use. Waiting for it to be delivered. I have him in Hospice and they have been wonderful.
I am sorry you are having to see your husband get so ill and disabled. Take one day at a time. It must be so hard for him to realize the end may be near. The pedal for exercise is a great idea. Maybe find other things he can do that doesn’t cause him to lose his breath like reading a book or newspaper, or get him a laptop so he can keep up with current events,games or whatever.
Good luck to you and hubby.
Thank you all for your encouragement. You are all like angels in trying to offer comfort to others and I have sure appreciated all of the comment and well wishes. We just have to all try and help each others. God bless you all. Thank also for this wonderful web site that gives us a chance to get things off from our minds, and maybe get a few answers
I just hope I will be able to take care of him till he goes home. He is a sweet person to take care of and so appreciative of everything I do for him, and I could not take care of someone that was bad or ill tempered like some seem to do. I do not think I could ever even think about putting him in a nursing home at least not right now as it is still manageable for me. My husband has been the love of my life and he has always been so sweet through out our life together. He has done so much for me in our younger years so except for the shortage of money it is a pleasure for me to be able to take care of this sweet man.
He was in the hospital for 9 days and now he has been home for over two months and he still cannot walk. People have given me so many different answers that I do not know what to believe. He still cannot walk now 2 month later. I had to quit work as he could not walk anywhere and had to put him in hospice in order to get me some help. RN think the COPD has not left him use his lungs as they are so bad that they cannot supply the oxygen to help him walk. Does thing sound right? I hate to try and make him walk for fear of him falling and maybe breaking a bone and then he would be in pain for the rest of his life. He is 78

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