What does it mean if my elderly grandmother is hallucinating that she has "worms" in her veins, nose and after using the restroom?

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She sees and feels them. Any ideas of what this is? Senility or Dementia? Would meds work for this sort of thing? My Aunt takes care of her and know there are no worms anywhere.

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Her meds could be the problem. I'd have her checked. If there is nothing there, she needs to be checked for dementia. Paranoia and even hallucinations can be a part of dementia. She needs to see her doctor pronto. There are meds that can help.

I take care of my partner who has Parkinsonism. He was having hallucinations and his neuro put him on a new med. The hallucinations stopped, but he has vivid dreams that cause him to talk, laugh, cry and also acts out the dreams with movements.

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