My daughter has to take care of my needs. She has a job, family and she is about to go nuts. Can she get paid to take care of me?

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It is a little tricky when a family member becomes a paid caregiver.
If you are paying your daughter on a regular basis, she becomes your employee. So you would have to file all the appropriate paperwork, do withholding, taxes, etc. Also, you need to consider whether or not you might need Medicaid in the future. There is a 5-year "look back" period and they may include these payments to your daughter. If you have enough personal funds to pay her, it is best to draw up a specific contract (there are examples online), that outlines her duties and what she will be paid, and you both sign it and keep copies.
Also, consider having your daughter declare you as a "dependent" on her taxes. Your daughter's employer may have an elder care benefit...such as time off.
If you are not certain, contact an elder attorney for guidance.
Here is another government resource for information:

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