Why does my dad sleep all of the time?

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My dad sleeps all the time. He used to be active, but in the last year has just given up and now has a feeding tube & sleeps constantly, why?

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If he needs a feeding tube, he must be pretty ill. I'd talk to the doctor about this. It could be his organs are shutting down, in which case he may benefit from hospice care.

If he is not that ill, depression could be the issue. Either way, I'd advise you to discuss this with the doctor - or even a couple of them for different views - to see what the reason is. It could be a natural response to his condition or it could be something that can be made better. The only way to find out is to get expert medical advice.

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Why was a feeding tube introduced?
You could have the docs see if he is on medicatins that are sedating, or at too high of a level...sometimes I have found that docs and nurses think it shoudl be obvious what's really going on and don't relaize that it is too emotional and they need to sit down and talk with you.

Bless you for caring, and may you find strength and hope for whatever comes next - hugs from someone else who has been there...
My dad 99 wakes up itching at night. Any suggestions. Dr suggested benedryl cream which he uses.
My sister complains of feeling tired all the time, sleeping only 4 -5 hours at night and then in the day time napping another 4 or 5 hours. What is behind this? She is diabetic...could this be the cause of her need for sleep?

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