My aunt had a stroke and needs someone to care for her, help pay her bills, and fix her home up for her. where can I find the help?

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Have you thought about hiring in-home care? They can assist with daily needs, while also providing companionship and socialization. If finances are an issue, is there a son or daugther, or other family member who can spend time - even if its only for a hour or two a week, to visit your aunt and help her out? If there is more than one person who lives in your aunt's area, divide and conquer! Try to get two or three people to commit to one hour per week as a caregiver.
The main issue is to care for her and rehabilitate her. To heck with the house repairs for now.
I am surprised she was allowed to come back home so soon after having the stroke. Usually a stroke survivor goes through rehabilitation, either in a nursing home that has rehabilitation equipment and staff or a home care nurse is appointed to come out and assist them there. I would make sure she had all of the safe essentials she needs such as, shower bars, bathmat, shower chair, toilet chair, . The other things you will need you can rent, hospital bed, hoist, walker and or wheelchair.
If family or friends are not available to help out, there is an organization called HOME INSTEAD that have people who are trained to come out and assist with her needs.
I'd be very, very, very careful about someone you don't really know helping your aunt pay her bills. That's asking for trouble. Can you get her set up with online bill pay, banking, etc. so you can handle it from wherever you are if she is willing? There are too many stories about "trustworthy" caregivers helping themselves to an elder's bank account.

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