How do you transfer an elderly parent from one a nursing home in Oklahoma to a nursing in Texas without them losing their Medicaid?

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I need to move my mom here to Austin so I will be closer to her. She is in assisted living in Oklahoma and about to move to a nursing home. How do I move her without her losing her Medicaid benefits?

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Hello from Alabama, but my home is really San Marcos. Medicaid is administered through the states, so does not transfer between states. You will have to apply for Medicaid in TX. I don't know if there is anyway around it. Check with your local office to see what they have to say about it.
Has anyone else transferred a parent on MEDICAID from Oklahoma to Texas? I would love to connect with you. I need all the help I can get.
Penny - Jessie Belle is right. Medicaid is a joint federal and state program BUT it administered by the state. So you have to qualify for whatever the state's system is. TX Medicaid pays for NH but not AL unless she is in one of the many waiver programs - they have long wait lists too. Most AL in TX is private pay. One thing in TX is if she or your dad was military is there are programs for veterans - one great system is Air Force Village in San Antonio.

My mom is in TX and I did look into moving her from TX to LA the last year she was in IL and it was pretty certain she was going to need NH in a short while. Now she owns her home and the home is an Medicaid exempt asset IF AND ONLY IF she was a resident of the state of TX. If she moved to LA, then the house wouldn't be so no Medicaid as her assets would be over the limit. I was told by 2 NH that she also would likely need to be established as a resident (with legal change of address, change of banking to LA bank, etc) of the state for 6 mos in order for them to do her as Medicaid pending as there was a lengthy waiting list for existing state residents. So all that plus the fact that she is in a really superb gerontology comprehensive program and also she didn't want to move, kept her in TX. imho alot of this will really depend on just what level of care your mom needs and what her life probability is........if she is a young old, like 80 and just starting to have dementia & health issues then I'd move her and bite the bullet to pay for AL or at your home private pay home health and get her to be a resident and qualified for TX Medicaid. If she's early 80's your looking at a possible decade plus. But if she is mid90's, then I'd keep her in OK and just deal with the several times a year drive up. It's not an easy decision either way. Good luck.

Jessie- SM outlet malls rock! Crate & Barrel & the whole PB/WS/WestElm store!
I miss San Marcos so much. It is a great place for low-income seniors. There are 5 large communities there for seniors. We lived in one of the independent living retirement communities. We qualified since my ex was older. I really liked it. I plan on going back there -- great people, low prices. Who could ask for more. I also loved the outlet malls.

If you're ever in SM, drop by the Taco Hut. Best Mexican food on the planet.
Thank you, JessieBelle & igloo572. I appreciate all the information on your experiences. I love the malls there too. I love closer to Round Rock and we now have a big outlet mall there now also! Love both! I will have to try Taco Hut for sure! I love recommendations for places to try..... My mom is only 67 but, she had a major stroke at 55 yrs old, she also has copd, congestive heart failure, and has been diabetic since she was 30. She needs alot of care and help. When she has a good year we help her move to assisted living and she will do well there for a while and have more independence then she will fall or have some issue and back to the nursing home for complete care. She has been in and out of a nursing home 2 times since her stroke and this will be her 3rd time in. I am just praying and asking for God's guidance and I think HE sent me both of you to show me what I may be up against and to fill me in with info! Thank you both so much!!

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