My mom is already placed in a nursing home. How do I go about moving her to a more suitable place to live?

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that i feel would be more pleasing to myself and to her. she still has some independence but still needs skilled nursing. due to her dementia.

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Do you have a NH in mind that you want her to transfer too? If so, talk to their Social Worker and or the person in charge of new residence admittance. They will help you get your mom moved.
You might also consider an adult foster care, we had real good luck going that route for my father-in-law.
At one point in time I was going to move my mother to a different facility. I made an appointment with the administrator in charge of new admissions, and toured the facility. She said that she would have to interview my mother first; as that was the procedure at that facility. I'm sure they do this in order to know and understand the needs of the resident.

I never went any further with the process; so that's all the information I have. Wishing you luck.

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