I would like to move my father from his current nursing home to another one that can take better care of him, is this possible?


my father had a massive stroke 6 months ago and is unable to move. when he was in the hospital, they moved him to this nursing home which i did NOT pick. i did not know they were moving him out of ICU without my knowledge and moved him to this nursing home. because i was new with all these things and overwhelmed, i thought this nursing home would be good but as months past by, i'm not happy with the facility. my dad does not get the care he needs as someone who cannot moved. he has bed sores and is not often changed. recently, he was brought to icu because of internal bleeding. along with everything else, he is starting to have dementia. i would like to move him to another facility but would it be difficult to do so since i've done all the paperwork for medi-cal with his current facility? please help!

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My grandmther at about 102 was moved to a place like you described.She actually got gangreen in her leg and it had to be amputated.It was horrible and the very reason my dad refused to be in living facility.I would report those people after I moved my parent.Bedsores are no laughing matter,they are serious.
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Shop around, and look for NHs that accept MEDI-CAL. Contact them and schedule a tour of their facilities. A couple of tours per day would be nice; and don't forget to take notes, ask questions, and pick up their literature. You want to know exactly what you're getting your Dad into. His opinion about all of this is important, so tell him everything.

-- ED
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