Would putting my mom in a motorized wheelchair cause her to lose the small muscle tone she has?

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My mother is 85 with severe osteoporosis and dementia, but her health is very good. She moves about at a snails pace because she is so afraid of falling and her balance isn't very good. How do I decide at what point she would be better off with a motorized wheel chair?

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Is it possible for her to have some physical therapy to keep her muscles going but let her have the motorized wheelchair for safety and a feeling of security? She will use muscle mass if she never walks. But the fear is likely hindering what she does which isn't good mentally. If she had physical therapy regularly (and there are exercises to do from a wheelchair) that could help.

If you browse the Web, you'll find exercises that can be done from wheelchairs - if she'll do them.

You are smart to consider these options.
The less she has to do the less muscle and tone she will have. If she moves to a powered chair she will loose ground without the therapy described above or a lot of self enforced exercise.

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