My mother refuses to take medication other than her blood pressure medicine. How can I get her to take the medicine?


She suffers from severe leg pain at night, probably restless leg syndrome. The doctor gave her a prescription to take at bedtime, but she refuses to take it. She is afraid she will become disoriented, dizzy or can't wake up. She is paranoid about taking medicine since she took a pain medication years ago that made her feel "crazy" as she says. I hate to see her suffering, but what can I do? I can't force her to take the medicine,

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I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your mom not taking her mediation. Unfortunately, this is a common problem among the elderly. 55 percent of the elderly are "non-compliant" with their prescription drugs orders, meaning they don't take the medication according to the doctor's orders.

Here is an article written by one of our editors that might help you manage your mothers medication.

Top 6 Medication Problems and How to Prevent Them
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Oh, that must be so hard to watch your mom be in pain and not know how to get her the help she needs. ::( But, I don't think it's uncommon for some people to refuse to take medication for various reasons. In fact, I've heard this scenario mentioned before during my time at Focus on the Family. So, I found an article they did on this topic that you might be interested in reading through . I think it gave some good suggestions on some of steps you can take in situations like these. Hope it helps!
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