My step mother fell and broke her arm. She won't go to the doctor because she doesn't have insurance. Is there any assistance to help?

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I don't know about your town but in my town if you go to the ER they must treat you, with or without insurance.
Does she quilify for gov. assistance? Does she have medicare or medicaid?

Take that woman to the ER right now! What are you waiting for? If she doesn't have any insurance, they can help her apply for Medicaid. After all, they want to get paid for services rendered. Are you still there?

-- ED
An Osteoporosis patient definitely must go to ER. Does she have medicare A and B? How did the diagnosis of Osteoporosis get paid for? Who has medical POA for her. If you have it, then it's your responsibility, I think, to get her medical help. A broken arm which is that obvious is in danger of creating internal injuries plus internal bleeding inside that arm that will not be visible on the outside, until her skin turns pale and she faints or worse.
yes, the ER will see her, if she is over 65 she should be able to get medicare, right? is it that she just wont go to apply? then you may have to get a conservatorship over her to make decisions for her. if she has a broken arm and refuses to see a doctor, then maybe she isnt capable of making good decisions, contact legal aid for free advice about it. im sure that she qualifys for medical or the like.

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