My mother will not bathe or change her clothes. How do I get her to bathe and put on clean clothes without insulting her?


My mother lives with my husband and myself. She has her own room and her own bathroom full of shampoos and soaps and lotions as well as a ton of washrags. It has been a month since her last bath. Her hair is smelly and hasn't been washed in months literally. She says that she takes sponge baths but I know that she doesn't because the soap and shampoo are never used. I do the laundry and she never has any towels or rags for me to wash. Help. I don't want to hurt her feelings but something has got to give. She is totally mentally alert and walks with a walker. I got her in the tub once a month ago when she moved in with me and my husband. We love her dearly but can't put up with her not being clean. What do we do?

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kellyblaser322 ,

Check out our that deals with this issue specifically. You are not alone, many elders experience not wanting to shower or change there clothes. There are many different reasons why elders experience this. Read more here and find some tips that may help you. Best of Luck :)

My Parent Won’t Shower or Change Clothes. What Should I Do?
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Start the shower, get out her clean clothes, and go tell her you have everything ready for her bath... does she need assitance? She may be fearful of falling and just not telling you.... let her know you will help her, but give her privacy also...let her know in a loving way it's not an option... no need for a long drawn out conversation.... just do it...Yeah Mom, we're going to take a shower , and you will feel sooo good afterward... help her, wash her hair if she needs help, maybe put a shower chair in the stall or tub, so she can set, and let her know every few days this will be the routine.... best of luck.... let us know what happens... hugs
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