My mother is abusive & aggressive. She's combative and could come up behind you and hit you in the head with something. How do I react?


mother wants everything her way and repeats everything she says at the beginning of every conversations...

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Also have her dr take a look at any meds she might be on.
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She's a prime nursing home candidate. If you don't feel at peace and safe in your own home, you're either living in the wrong place or with the wrong person.

Also, don't forget the heart is fickle. It has reasons even Reason can't understand, and you'll find yourself going over all the options for the millionth time; while your mother acts up and acts out because she senses there's nothing you can do about it. She keeps coming at you from left field when you least expect it, so you react because you never seem to have enough time to anticipate and prepare.

The answer is staring you in the face, but only you can make the decision ... and live with it.

Good luck my friend.

-- ED
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Sad to say, we just placed my father-in-law in a nursing home last week because he had begun sneaking up behind the hired caretaker in order to push and hit her. It isn't fair to any care taker to be exposed to this and steps needed to be taken to keep everyone safe. It was the final thing that allowed us to make the decision that we could no longer keep him at home. It was a relief as he was becoming more paranoid and more physical bacause of the increasing confusion.
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