Should my mom have surgery? She has a dislocated shoulder and hairline fracture in the ball of her arm bone.

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She is 87 years old and had a stroke 02 years back.She is a sugar patient but all her vitals are normal.

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Surgery at her age is risky, but she must be in significant pain with these injuries. I'd consult a couple of doctors before making the decision. Generally a dislocated shoulder can be put back in place without surgery and a hairline fracture can be set. You may want to ask if these can be addressed without surgery. If you are told that surgery is a must, then get a second opinion.
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You should speak with the patient care nurse @ the orthopedic office (the surgeon who would be doing this) and ask exactly what the break is and what will be need post-op (like 10 weeks of physical or occupational therapy) and what will be her limitations IF she doesn't do surgery and IF she doesn't do surgery now what would it be like if she waited 6 mos and then wanted to do it (as the pain is too severe or if they would even do the surgery if she delays)

My mom had surgery for a right side torn rotator cuff and a fracture of her humerous (aka "the golf ball") when she was 90 and the surgery went just fine. She tore/broke it trying to clean a window....heavy wooden window too; she had no major diseases, like diabetes or a cancer but did have age related coronary heart disease.She had a full general anesthesia and came out easily from it and was under maybe 4 hrs. Post surgery she had like 12 weeks of 3X a week PT too. Before surgery her arm was just hanging and she had NO range of motion at all with it so she couldn't even brush her hair or move her hand to the small of her back. She tore it and didn't say anything and we noticed it about 4 weeks after the tear when we went to visit over the holidays. Just no way to live and really easily repairable through surgery. Her ortho MD is the big hip replacement surgeon and the senior ortho for the gerontology dept at the medical school so he does lots of elderly and she was evaluated by a different set of criteria for surgery because of her age. In many ways this was a godsend in that my mom became a patient of the gerontology group affiliated with the medical school so all her care is done keeping her age and age related diseases in mind. So if you can find an ortho affiliated with a gerontology group see if you can get a second opinion from them

My mom pretty well required 24/7 oversight for 2 weeks post surgery and very careful and sterile redressing of the surgical area done by others and assistance on everything from getting dressed to potty to bathing for those 2 weeks. She was not discharged to a rehab unit but to her home - her type of surgery, even at age 90, is out patient care. You should ask if your mom would be discharged to home or to a rehab unit, this will make a big difference in what everybody's life will be like post surgery. My mom wore a sling for about 6 weeks and started therapy like 3 days after release from the overnight only stay at the hospital with twice daily at home exercises in addition to going to the physical therapist. It seems pretty brutal but needs to be that way to get them going and using the repaired muscles, there is no relax and recover time in how post surgery rehab is done nowadays. If they are they type who just are not going to do the therapy as required or going to want to sit around and play the martyr and you are not able to make them do therapy or exercise, or monitor that they do ALL the followup requiredmetc., then imho the surgery is a waste of time.
She must be in great pain. This needs to be fixed, surgery or other wise. My 83 year old mom had hip replacement surgery about 4 months ago. I am amazed at how well she is doing. Her quality of life has improved dramatically. Nehemiah she first told me her ortho doc wanted her to have the surgery, I freaked. At her age, depression, diabetes, etc. but after talking to friends in the med professions and reading about it on line I felt better about it. I'm so glad she had it done.
How can a dislocated shoulder and a fractured ball of the bone be fixed without surgery. My mom is 87 years old.
I'd say go to an orthopedic Dr , have them look at your MOm and see what the best option is. My Mom fractured her ankle at that age, and was put in a cast boot for 6 weeks. We managed and I'm glad I did it. I also regret not taking her to the orthopedic dr for her shoulder, which probably would have helped, even if she had to be in a cast for 6 weeks. Good luck!
My mother is 79 has osteoarthritis and osteoporosis and her left shoulder is deteriorated and can the do surgery and help it? We have had steroid shots and pain meds. And she lives in alot of pain.
"When she first told me......wish it was easier to proof these comments

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