If you have had home care, what was the most surprising benefit you or your loved one experienced?

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Our caregiver and Mother truely bonded and it brought a calmness to Mom. The caregiver had influence with Mom and it helped to get her to take her medication, be nicer, and actually talk to me as a human being. Anyone else have the same things happen? Our caregiver was trained and held responsible by her employer and I think it made a difference.

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Hugs. My mom was never a big hugger (we would hug goodbye when I visited her at holidays etc over the years, but not every day). So I never thought about it much. Her caregiver hugs her hello, good bye, and anytime she thinks mom needs one. Mom loves it!
Wow! That's great. I'm happy for you
Day - such bonding - and such accountability - is rare and definitely a huge benefit. My mom had the same experience with a wonderful lady but it took 6 months of going through inexperienced "kids" to find a good one. We told the home health firm that they needed to provide a check list of things to do in each home - depending on the elders needs - and then TRAIN each caregiver on the right way to clean, to handle food, to deal with commodes, etc.
The agency sent the sweetest lady to help my father who had Alz. She sang to him, he loved that. Then she started being a no show. We went through 2 other ladies who did the same thing.
When Mom needed a companion, I was more than thrilled at the bond they developed so quickly. When I couldn't be there, I knew mom was in good hands. When mom was low on funds, I paid this lady out of my own pocket. I sat across the table from her when we celebrated my mother's 80th birthday. A few weeks later she was living in the condo with my mother and I'm no longer welcome.
I have had bad experiences with home health care agencies,all had glowing reviews and believable personal recommendations. When and if I have to get someone to help me with my husband, I am scared to death of having this all repeated. I'm sure there are great ones out there but the trick is how to find one.
My question asks for others to share what was the most surprising benefit, not an awful experience.
I included surprising benefits.

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