What should I expect for monthly rent with independent living?

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Rates vary from city to city and vary greatly within each city. Be careful of levels of care on top of the base rent. This is where prices can increase substantially. If you are looking in Southwest Florida, our service may be of some use to you.
Do you have listings of governm ent assisted living, in Florida, If you can help me please advise.
Do you mean a regular apartment? Or an assisted living facility?
In our area 1 bedroom apts. run $800 - 950. Assisted living centers charge apx. $3,000./month.
If you are healthy and able to live on your own, I would recommend a regular, senior, or government subsidized apartment
The cost for independent living is going to vary greatly depending on a variety of factors. If you are interested in finding independent living in your area or an area where your loved on lives, click on this link:
Enter the location and the type of housing you want (in your case, independent living), and click search. It will bring up what is available near you, and you can develop a list of places to call or visit based on that. Be sure to ask lots of questions when you go; after all, this is where you or your loved one could be living for years to come.
Here is a link to an article about independent living:

I hope this helps.

AgingCare.com Editor

The ones I have looked at - that include meals - are around $1600 a month. They will have higher published prices but they are always having specials and they are often willing to negotiate. It also usually includes once a week cleaning, social events, some limited transportation. If additional care is needed, a lot of them have contracts with home health companies with somewhat discounted rates.
Is it best to share with mom ,who is cognitively delayed, about her monthly nursing home bills?
Independent living is like a senior apartment setup where most often there is no one to call for assistance even if you need occasional help. If you are having problems with bed transfers or other mobility issues (falls, etc) the likely next stop is assisted living. The line between assisted living and a SNF is blurring a bit as AL wants to keep their residents (an empty bed may cost them $125/day). Many ALs are charging extra for higher levels of assistance until the person requires the medical services of an SNF. In a nutshell- most people are looking to stay in the least expensive/restrictive environment as long as possible. Starting at home, then possibly Independent Living (like an senior apartment), then AL (averaging $125/day) then SNF (averaging $250/day). These are huge costs for anyone- which is why any paid help or assistive products can be a bargain if they keep a person at a lower level of cost any length of time longer. That is why home service providers are springing up all over the place and why I am developing expertise in mobility products.
Someone mentioned Meals On Wheels as a possibility for an Independently living senior. Please do not wait until they get tired of cooking. The advantage of Meals on Wheels is that someone sees your parent each delivery day (week days in most communities). The MOW person has been trained to look for signs of distress or notice changes in their clients. There is a protocol of what to do if someone does not answer their door or seems out of sorts. Having this friendly visitor taking a peak at your senior on a regular basis is a great help and most clients build a rapport with their delivery person and look forward to a brief interaction each day. Most MOW programs have a variety of plans (daily, certain days, can include night meals, some can provide weekend meals) check with your local provider. In NH, these programs are operated on a county basis but your state may have another plan.
Some communities also have places where seniors can gather to have "congregate" meals. In our community there is transportation to pick up seniors and take them to/from the weekday meals. This way they get a chance to see others and build a relationship. And the price is reasonable (donation based) and so is the transport.

If you look to the right of the screen, you'll see "In Senior Living." Browse these links for the type of housing that fits your budget. Good luck.

-- Ed
My Mom is 93 and just moved into a fairly small indep living apt. She got a subsidized one for $927 a month and will live like a queen. She hires homecare for 3 hours a week and is very stubborn about doing everything else herself. I am relieved and I think she will be happier than in her old apt near me. If she tires of cooking she can get meals on wheels.

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