What is the best way to monitor someone's medications to make sure they are taking the right dosage?

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Are there any safeguards to take to ensure that medications get taken properly and in the least intrusive but caring way possible?

I know that counting them should be effective to some extent. However, she usually takes them on her own. Should I insist that if under my care, I administer medications and count them? Is this acceptable to insist upon in such a situation to ensure medication level remains consistent? Being that I will potentially be living within her home for a few months and feel responsible for correct administration, I think but am not sure whether it is acceptable to insist gently on medication supervision if living in her home. Any thoughts?

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A lot depends on your relationship. However, you can enthusiastically let her know you've "found" a great pill reminder that you'd love to see her try (go online and you'll find many options). These reminders can be very helpful and would seem less intrustive (most likely) than even gentle nagging.

Good luck. It isn't easy!
If you ask them, some pharmacies will pre-package your mom's meds in blister packs - the way some OTC meds are packaged. (Ex: They'll put all the AM meds in one "bubble," for each day. The lunch meds in another...etc.) They'll set them up correctly and you BOTH can keep better track of the situation.
My Dad and I sit together every Sunday and divide up a week's worth of meds in weekly dispenser (got it at Target). It's divided up into days and am/pm.we both keep track easily and we can go ahead and order any needed refills.

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