Mom with sundowners called 911 out of spite because no one was home.

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As you well know, Sundowners experience periods of extreme agitation and confusion during the late afternoon or early evening hours, leading to irritability towards caregivers.

It's very important you establish a routine to minimize the discomfort and anxiety your Mom feels when she loses track of everything around her. You can use these repetitive steps to keep track of how well she's functioning. Don't just find things to occupy her time. Talk with her, and calmly, compassionately ask her why she felt the need to call 911. Responses might vary, from "I didn't know where you all where" and "I got scared," to "Because I felt like it" and "I don't know." Remind her, particularly if you're stepping out for a moment, that 911 is only for real life-threatening emergencies.

The downside of all this is that the entire household will have to "get with the program." Hard to do when you have hormonal, rebellious teenagers who don't want to pitch in with anything.

Let us know what happens.

-- ED
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