My dad passed away and was my brothers beneficiary (who also passed away). There is an outstanding payment. Does my Mom have to pay that balance?

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Income tax sent a letter. It was addressed to my Dad.

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can you clarify? had they filed jointly? and if they did, is the question whether Mom has to pay a tax bill incurred by Dad or if it has to come out of Dad's estate?? would a visit with a tax professional help?
thanks for your response. They did income splitting but still had a balance to pay. My Dad has been gone 2 years and we just received the letter saying that he owed a large tax payment. Legally, I'm not sure if my mom has to pay the outstanding balance. The letter was only addressed to my Dad. Any thoughts??
Well, you could try sending a "please advise" letter explaining that Dad has pased on, with a copy of the death certificate, and seeing if that settles it. But boy, if it was me, I'd head for a tax expert to make sure Mom or any heirs or beneficiaries do not get clobbered later on! If you spend a couple hundred on getting expertise - and you never know til you ask, you might not even have to, If the people who ever did your or your mom or dad's taxes before they might just help you out or explain that you would need more help than they could give you, and know where to go to. I had the best experience with an eldercare attorney near me, chosen because his web site made the most sense (rather than just going with folks the nursing home recommended) who did a full financial analysis and consultation with me for about $300.00 and it answered all kinds of questions so we knew we'd be able to manage and how we owuld do things in any event.
vstefans is spot-on in advise.

I'd like to add to mail the letter "return registered mail" which is the green card at the post office and send it RRM and certified. Will run about $ 6.00 and gives you documented proof of being received and by whom & by what date. IRS is great at sending you letters but less than stellar at noticing when you want information other than sending the $$ they claim is due.

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