If my Mom has a live-in from Medicaid does she have to provide food/meals?

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Or do they bring their own?

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You question about meals raises many important issues, including your mother's liability for unexpected things that can happen in home care.

Is your mother's caregiver an employee of a care agency or company that is reimbursed or contracted by Medicaid? Or is the caregiver a person who is hired by your mother? Is there a third party agency that administers the Medicaid payment?

Understanding the answers to these questions can help you determine the policies and guidelines for caregiver meals, and establish who would be responsible for a caregiver injury.

A California case, where the caregiver was an employee of an agency or company, illustrated why it is important to make sure that the caregiver is covered by worker's compensation insurance:

Are you thinking that Medicaid will provide your mother with live-in help? I don't believe Medicaid provides that service.
I agree with Bablou above, I haven't heard where Medicaid will pay for a live-in caregiver. It is far cheaper for Medicaid to send the elder to a nursing home for care.

If you pay out of pocket for a live-in caregiver, it depends on what you and the caregiver agree upon. Normally the client will provide food and a guest-room.
My mom was on "community medicaid" before going into a nursing home. Her medicaid paid for her to have a live-in aide 24/7. The aide was paid $169 a day, which is 13 dollars for 13 hours (their rules). I'm not sure how much the agency itself received. I'm guessing at least 30% more than that, which is pretty standard when an agency is involved, so let's say the cost came out to $219 a day. Nursing home care is $405 a day. I spoke to 22 nursing homes in my area and that was the standard rate. I'm in NY. Medicaid absolutely pays for live-in help. Just use an agency that accepts medicaid.

Now, concerning your question about meals, the aides provide their own food. They do not eat yours. The agency they come from will tell you the same thing. That's their rule. However, as a sign of goodwill, it would certainly be appropriate to allow the aide to use your mom's condiments, spices, beverages (within reason) and a couple slices of bread. Minor stuff. Your mom absolutely does NOT have to provide the aide meals. She DOES, however, have to provide groceries for the aide to make her meals. The aide may do the grocery shopping, but your mom must pay for her own food only.

The agency you use will explain this to you in detail.
Thank you.

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