Does anyone have any method of washing their loved ones hair outside of getting in the bathtub?

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My Mominlaw is 95 and now is unable to hold her arms above her head. We use the bench/chair in the tub. It has been a wonderful help. She has been able for the last 3 yrs to take her bath, independantly. I just stay close by, in case. She's very careful .

She's been making up excuses of why she can't wash her hair for over a month now. Even making up stories of how she did it, while we were gone (which she would never do).

Today she has said she just can't lift her arms over her head. Honestly, it's amazing that she has done so well until now! She usually sits up, on her bath chair and uses a rubber hose/sprayer & lets it run on her face, using baby shampoo.

What I would like feedback on is, does anyone know of any portable hairwashing sinks/chairs that would work , in the home? It would be much easier for her to be comfortable. I've never had to deal with this before and am sure some of you have been, for a long time. Please share your experiences and tips with me. I look forward to hearing them! :-)

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This is an issue many caregivers have while caring for their loved ones. I have attached some articles that can help you better deal with this elder care issue.

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If she can stand for a little while, she can lean over the kitchen sink and you can wash her hair there. In the old days, that's how my mother washed her hair all the time, anyway.
not sure if they make these anymore, but years ago when I worked as a nurses aide-I would use something that the patient could stay in bed-the head fits comfortable in the tray and hose that leads to a bucket. Sounds rather crude but it works. I wonder what is used in hospitals these days when lets say someone is in a full body cast. I would check medical supply stores and maybe they would have something you could buy or rent. Good luck
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, that has many of the things you were asking about and at affordable prices... there is also a waterless shampoo that I used for Ruth, but can not remember the name of it.... I am sure this website has something comparable or others may have other suggestions....
Let us know what you found out...
Is it possible for you to have her do her usual tub thing and when it's time for her hair, have her hold the spray hose while you soap up her hair and then you can rinse it for her using the hose?
Thank you all for your helpful responses. I did see at a drug store, a tray that angles into the sink. Catherine is so tiny (4' 10" & 96 #s) that I don't have chair high enough.

Unfortunately, since my last post, she was hospitalized. Now dealing with AFib & heart failure. She is now dependant on me to get dressed, much less get in the tub...haven't tried yet.

We did get her hair washed, because she had to look perfect before we could get her out of the house, to Dr office! I just did the lathering, as she sat in tub/bench. Hope she will still be able to handle sitting there. She's so breathless & weak, having leg pain too. Blessings to you all!
At your medical supply stores has a portable air filled basin that can be used while laying in bed - haven' t try it
Also, they do make (it truly is called this, we used them for patients in the NH who couldn't get outta bed) Shower Caps; they are pre-soaped, no rinse. You toss it into the microwave for like 30 seconds to get warm, place on head and rub!! They LOVE it. Remove cap when cooled and fix hair

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