What are the best medications to use on an elderly woman's bottom that has bed sores?

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She is 88-years-old, bed ridden and we are trying to change her every two hours, but work, so it is almost impossible during the night. Is there any meds that could help her with this problem?

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We had an inflatable mattress for awhile for my father-in-law when he started getting bed sores. It was spendy, but made for just that thing, to keep the pressure off certain areas and distribute the weight evenly. We got ours at a local pharmacy that had a lot of geriatric things.
My 95 yr. old mom has a horrible bedsore right on her bottom and I started treating it with Lidocaine before I pack it with Santyl. It seems to let her rest better at night because it numbs it.
Keeping sore areas coated with desitin has helped with my mom.
About 6 weeks ago, my mom got a bed soar. We treated it with something called Duoderm. It was a medicated patch, that is placed over the soar, and keeps the affected area dry while healing. Don't put any bath towels under her as they create moisture and the whole idea is to keep the area dry. It worked really well for my mom, the bed soar cleared up, and she's had no more since. I hope this helps.
My dad had a nasty bedsore on his bottom.They develope seemingly quick when you are immobile. That medicated Duoderm patch was the most effective thing I tried also. Besides keeping the area dry, you also need to keep pressure off of the area some how. Creative placement of towels and pillows. Gotta keep the circulation going. Those things hurt.

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