My mom has diabetes and can no longer check her glucose levels accurately. Will Medicare help pay for the nursing home to check her?


My mom lives in an Assisted Living Facility. She is diabetic and has become unable to correctly check her glucose levels. The facility charges $8 each time they do an accu-check on her; they do it twice a day. Will Medicare help pay for this? Apparently they pay for the insulin.

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They may. You'll have to check with Medicare. If you sign her up online at, that can make checking what is covered easier. Otherwise, call them. Medicare B may cover this service. Have the charges been submitted and rejected? If she has a supplemental policy (you'll have to check with the policy issuer), they might cover this cost. If the policy she has doesn't, you may want to check around at other options for a supplemental policy. You should have several choices.
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Many assisted living communities are able to assist with the diabetic meds and checks. It all comes at an additional cost, but it is still pennies compared to the cost of a nursing home.
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Is that 8.00 just for checking her blood-sugar b/s on the meter or does that include the strips-supplies as well? To me if the $8 bucks is just to check her bls, I think it that is kind of expensive! However, I guess a Nursing Home would cost more. Does the place have a conjunction side where they can move her to another part in the living where their be a nurse on board? The price may go up so you may want to check.
Medicare will pay for the strips as long as she has a physician's prescription. Sometimes, it will cover up to 200 strips if the she is needing to check more than twice a day and of course the physician will have to state that in his prescription.
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