I am on Medicare and need to travel 200 miles to see a doctor. I do not have family to take me. Can I get medicare to provide a caregiver?

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Why do you need to go that far to see a doctor? As far as I know there is no benefit with Medicare to pay for transportation to a doctor. Do you have friends that would be willing to drive you? Is it possible to find a doctor who is closer to you? Other than either find a doctor closer or move to where the doctor is.....I don't have any other suggestions. Perhaps someone here can come up with the answer to help you.
Please call your local Senior Center, 211 info line or your Center for Healthy aging.
If you need any help with phone no.s, etc. call your local town clerk or Chamber of commerce.
All of the above are required to have the info you need.
Best wishes.
Imolinar, is this a one-time visit? Are you asking if Medicare would provide transportation to the doctor?
This is a problem that needs to be addressed now -- healthcare providers should not be allowed to deny care to Medicare patients. Write your congresspeople today! Write the President -- no matter who wins! As far as immediate needs, it might be better to see a doctor closer and pay the bill. I know that sounds crazy, but it is easier and then see what tax advantage you can take for your medical expenses -- unless you are going 200 miles to see some specialist who is going to save your life, it's not worth it for a regular doctor visit. Find someone local if it is a regular visit and see if you can't work out a deal where they will bill Medicare and you will pay the difference -- see if you can negotiate -- ask for the business manager of the doctor's office and then get a tax break for your extra expenses.
If you offer to pay more than Medicare, it makes more sense than driving so far & wasting gas if this is just a regular visit. Tell them it is a hardship to go away for care and contact your congresspeople and tell them that this is just not working.
Check with your state's Medicaid office. The states have many resources insofar as home health aides and transportation to doctor visits. I would be willing to be they can also find you a doctor closer to your residence. Good luck.
I would also encourage you to check with the local Area Agency on Aging. They may have some help for you, and also some funding. Do you have a friend or someone from your church who could help you?? take care...
Why do you need to travel 200 miles to see a doctor?

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