What happens to Medicare supplemental insurance once Medicaid takes over?

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Mom qualified for Medicare effective August of this year. She is in a long term care facility and I am in the process of having her monthly income transferred to the facility. The facility tells me that they will pay her medicare supplemental and Part D premiums from her income. As she is now on Medicaid, I don't understand why she should have to contimue to pay those premiums. Any input? thanks

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Maybe it varies by state, but here there are several approved supplemental insurance plans that are approved to work with Medicaid and the recipient can select which one he or she prefers. The state decides the most cost-effective way to administer the federal Medicaid money, and that may include requiring health insurance.

But this doesn't really have any impact on your mother's money. She does not have enough to pay for the long term care facility (or she would not have qualified for Medicaid.) Let's say, for round numbers, that the facility costs $4,500 per month, the insurance premiums are $100 per month, and you turn over your mother's $2660 pension check to the facility. The facility gives her her $60 personal allowance. Mother's income is still $2,000 short of paying for her care. Medicaid covers part of that and the facility eats the rest. Even if there were no insurance payments involved, this scenario would identical, except for a slightly different amount that Medicaid and the facility would cover. You mother will not have any more or any less spending money with or without insurance.

Does this make sense?
Thanks...I guess I need to talk to the staff at the facility to figure out how to do this. I understand that all of my Mom's income minus a small allowance will go to them, it's just a matter of how it gets divided up that needs to be determined.

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