JConfer Asked March 2012

How do I get medical help for my 87-year-old mother in our home?


very ill feeling, and Doctors cannot find reason. She is going downhill, cannot eat much. Has had several tests that all come back good, but she continues to feel worse. ER could not admit her to hospital because she did not fit criteria. She was in there for 5 hours and I brought her home. She started to feel better, but now is getting worse. She was given pain pills, but they only dull the pain. How do I get some medical help for her?

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They didnt't find anything for my mom when she was in there twice but the doctor ordered visiting nurses for a month as well as therapists and folks to help her bathe. Ask the doctor to call for you.
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3pinkroses Mar 2012
You could try the Visiting Nurse Association in your town and there are also private nursing companies. This way a nurse could come to your home and evaluate your mother and monitor what is happening to her. It must be upsetting not knowing why she isn't feeling well. My parents both had this service and physical therapy at home. They spend more time with you and can get to know your mother and her symptoms.

My MIL had a registered nurse come to her home to cut her toenails and it was this nurse that called me and said she thought my MIL had cellulitis on her ankle. This infection can be life threatening; so I immediately took her to her doctor and sure enough she had cellulitis. If it wasn't for this attentive nurse, we might not have known about it until it was serious or too late. Take care and hope you can arrange care in your home.
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