Can you please recommend a couple of medical alert systems and which ones to stay away from?

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LIFELINK is the one I chose for my mom after investigating many.
The unit works on the premis that when the button is pushed it auto dials 4 #s sequentially. The first # to answer gets a recording and can talk with the patient after pressing a number a few times.
THERE ARE NO MONTHLY MONITORING FEES because there are no monitors. The unit dials DIRECT the #s you program in. Much faster than having to talk to a monitoring agent that will only diall 911 anyhow.
$200.00 for the basic unit and they offer one compatable with cable & dsl, etc.
Google LIFELINK. Its easy to set up & well worth the one time cost.
So let me be sure and understand this correctly: There is only a one time cost for the device and no monthly fee? That is a little hard to believe seeing how the rest of them are right around $30 per month. My parents are at poverty level and every penny counts. $30 per month may not seem like a lot of people, but it is to them. It could go to gas in their car, several days of groceries, etc. Thank you. I'm not sure I will be able to get back to this page, as I am somewhat computer-challenged.
It says I have one answer to me original question, but when I click on "Helpful Answer" it just changes to zero and doesnt give me a response. Help please.
I don't see anything helpful when I google lifelink. If you search for "lifelink medical alert" you get the "lifelink prodigy" at callforassistance. This is not a good unit. It only as a 100' activation range, and it's a speakerphone unit rather than a talk-through-the-pendant version. Plus it's $250 on sale (regularly $350). There's a MUCH BETTER unit on the market for $279.

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