Does Medicaid coverage eliminate the need for supplemental and prescription coverage?

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Mom recently became eligible for Medicaid and is in a long-term care facility. Do I need to continue paying her medicare supplemental and prescription insurance? Apparently, there are 2 types of Medicaid coverage: one base solely on income, the other based on a combination of medical condition and income. She comes under the second type.

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You'll have to check with medicaid in your state. The one based on income you don't have to pay anything. As for the medical condition AND income I am not familiar with. Maybe someone else on here knows.
Have you discussed this with the financial people at her facility?
As far as I know, you have to continue paying supplemental health insurance which would come out of her social security income. The amount would be set by medicaid, along with contribution to nursing home. The patient is allowed to keep about $72.00 per month. Medicaid would supply all this information to you. Hope this helps. Take care.
I'd suggest you contact the supplemental insurance to see how they view Medicaid. My mom had a Federal Employee HIB secondary insurance policy - it was excellent, paid whatever of what Medicare didn't and paid 100% if Medicare didn't pay. Once mom was in a NH and on Medicaid, it got suspended and they did a clawback of all vendor payments made during her Medicaid Pending period @ the NH.It's never simple.
In this state, Medicaid recipients must select from a list of approved insurance carriers.

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