Can Medicaid hold you accountable for money spent from your parent's bank account when they apply for Medicaid?


We brought my Grandmother to live with us last year. She has Alzheimer's disease. We spent some of the money in her bank account building a room onto our house. My Grandmother became too difficult for us to handle and wished to return home. She is now at her home under privatley paid nursing care. Her money is almost gone now and my aunt is going to palce her on medicaid. Are we accountable for the money we spent on the house and will we be forced to pay medicaid?

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It's possible they can, however if you can prove that the work was done for her benefit and give receipts for the work, you may be exempt. If it's a large amount of money, you may want to obtain the help of an elder law attorney for this. Good luck. You aren't alone in this predicament. You tried your best and it didn't work.
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My husband is on hospice, had to be rushed to er because he came down with cdiff for the third time. We
We had the in house hospice at my daughters house. Now she has come down with cdiff,samollena poison and a bad fungus. We cannot go back to her house, have no place to go. We are trying to get mr husband into the center for full time hospice. Can they deny him this. I am at wits end, with no place to go since our daughter is very sick. My husband is at the end stage of COPD. What can I do.
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