Will Medicaid and Medically Needy pay for nursing home care?

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My mother-in-law has dementia, and a host of other health issues

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ask her doctor. social services. medicaid office
I agree with above, if not there are other options for providing care in the community under the Home and Community Based Waivers
Here, in Michigan, we could only get 100 days for my mom via Medicare. The reason is because she needs an illness that she can get better from, and therapy will work, in order for any insurance to pay for a nursing home. There is no cure or therapy that will help dementia or alzhiemers.
Well, it depends what is the cause of the dementia, but for alzhiemers, it is no in Michigan, except those 100 days.
Medicaid usually helps with nursing home care, but you need to consult your local Council on Aging and they can provide FREE assistance to help you get the resources you need. My father in law was in assisted living and medicaid paid for a semi-private room.
Cheney/Gregg's Deficit Reduction Act 2005, passed in RECONCILIATION, illegally with two different documents in the House and Senate, taxes the middle class elderly the total amount of their life savings if they need a nursing home. Most of these nursing homes are non-profit to boot, as it is in my parent's case.
In my parent's case this was $600+ a day for 1.5 years before MassHealth (yes Massachusetts) would consider their application. So my parents paid out their total life savings @ $600 a day to subsidize all the others in the nonprofit nursing home who are already on Medicaid. This is the Cheney/Gregg's method of reduction of the deficit...off the back of WWII Disabled Vets (my parents) who remain alive long enough to need a nursing home. If they passed away before they needed the nursing home their life savings would have been inherited tax free (less than 2M).
Now that their life savings has gone to the nonprofit and Medicaid has kicked in, my parents still have to pay the nonprofit their retirement income of $69,348 a year, as it should be!!!!!! …but only after Medicaid demands they continue to pay their Medicare and Federal Blue Cross insurance premiums of $5,505 a year. They have prescription coverage under their Medigap policy, but they still were forced to Medicare D.
Why wasn’t their retirement income of $69,348 (minus the premiums of $5,505 still required of them going to Medicare and Federal Blue Cross) enough for the nonprofit nursing home from the date of their admissions? Ask Cheney/Gregg.
Gregg says now… “ We can all agree that no American should lose their life savings or their home because of illness or injury and that the rising cost of health care severely burdens individuals, families and businesses,” Gregg wrote in his letter to Obama this week. “Report after report also confirms that health care costs are a systemic risk to the long-term fiscal health of our nation.”
He apparently forgot about his Deficit Reduction Act 2005 he passed in reconciliation which does exactly this to the elderly needing nursing homes who have saved more than $2,000 in their lifetime and not hidden it.
Cheney/Gregg's DRA 2005 is the perfect example of how the GOP reduces the deficit off the backs of WWII Vets with a tax of $300+/day...the perfect storm of GOP, health care debate let them eat cake and GOP hypocrisy.
Medicare does not cover nursing homes. My parent’s life savings does. Watch Sen. Gregg "not" answer the hard questions about what he did here.
The Cheney/Gregg Deficit Reduction Act 2005, passed in reconciliation, is the largest case of Elder Middle-class WWII Disabled Vet Financial Abuse in History!!
Wake up all you elders who are on Medicare or Medicare Advantage and LOVE them. Cheney/Gregg are counting on you and your families to remain hapless while they take your life savings from you if you ever need long-term care.
The gentleman in the next room to my parents purchased long-term-care insurance to protect his assets. It turns out that this policy will not pay for his long-term care now (he was duped). So his and my parents life savings are paying for all the others in that nonprofit nursing home who hid their assets and/or are already on Medicaid.
Pay close attention to how Gregg backpedals from what he did to the elderly with his Deficit Reduction Act 2005 that passed in reconciliation. He counted on the elderly to be and remain ignorant until they are admitted into nonprofit nursing homes…

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