How can we make sure my Mother-In-Law eats when my family and I are out of state and my brother-in-law checks on her once a month?

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My mother-in-law lives in PA and we live in FL. My brother-in-law lives in DE and looks in on her once a month. He called this week to say she has lost a great deal of weight, because she isn't eating. I sent her some Ensure and healthy energy bars as supplements, but was wonder if we could line up a home meal preparation service for her. Can you provide any insight on how to go about doing this from out of state?

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Have you checked with a local chapter of meals on wheels? Does your MIL attend a church? Could you then go visit and introduce yourself to someone there, someone that maybe you could send a check to and they would prepare a meal once a week and go eat with your MIL? and they could leave the left overs for her.

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