If I'm my mother's guardian and her Power of Attorney, can I make her go to assisted living?

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I am legal guardian and have power of attorney for my mom. She failed the mental test for assisted living. Can I place her in long-term care. What is generally required to place a person in long-term care (nursing home) who doesn't want to go? If I'm her guardian and Home Health says she needs 24 hour care, can I make her go? We have had 24 hour caregivers in her home for several weeks. She hates it and we cannot afford to continue it at $2500 a week.

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Likely you can, since you are the guardian and she isn't eligible for assisted living. I'd contact your local long-term care ombudsman and ask for advice. You can find this person on your state website or at www.ltcombudsman.org. These people are very helpful and know the rules. Good luck. Something obviously needs to be done.
It is likely that you will meet alot of resistance and second guess your decision, but if your mom can't pass the mental test for assisted living then your responsibility as guardian is be sure she is safe and use your resources wisely. It will take some time to choose one, but I would talk to them about the admission of a rebellious elder. This is something they should be very familiar with. Use your instincts and pick a facility that you think has the best resources for your mom's situation. It is very hard when we are trying to do what is best for our parents, with dementia they can't really see that. I hope you find some place you are comfortable with.

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