Low Sodium cooking...Does anyone have some outstanding recipes?

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My father is highly salt sensitive and even the smallest amount can send his BP into the stratosphere. He is taking BP meds but they only do have the job.. he needs diet to keep it under control, he is very susceptible to TIAs so I am trying my best to develop some tasty savory recipes without going to the hospital.

Hopefully some of you have more experience with this type of cooking than I. I usually don't add salt to anything I cook but I don't mind mild foods, my father is the opposite. Any tips, suggestions, or recipes are welcome. No peppers included:) plz.

Thanks to all.

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I have to watch my husband's sodium intake because of elevated BP and also he is on dialysis. Try taking a regular recipe, eliminating the salt and adding more of other spices. On amazon I found gravy mixes with very little sodium[half that of the reduced sodium mixes sold in grocery stores] They have poultry gravy and brown gravy, both with a very good flavor. You have to buy in bulk, but I found it was worth it. Also try google as well. I wish you the best with your daily challenge. It has been worth it for me to see my husband looking and feeling so much better
Hi, my father is on a no sodium diet and what I have found that works well for us, try garlic powder and Mrs. Dash has two that I love, Table Blend and Extra Spicy. I use them both on everything, still cooking the same food eggs, mash potatoes, meats, etc. No complaints from the rest of the family.
We are not on a "sodium restricted diet" but I wanted to limit our salt intake because, I have heart pallpitations( Dr. calls it Panic Attacks)? Anyway thought this would be a simple step to take? We will see. Thanks for the helpfull hints as far as what herbs and spices work best! Godbless.....
They always say putting in more spices but personally I'd recommend a touch of that sauce (cayenne pepper sauce with vinegar). GIves a zip to food and almost mimics salt. Make sure it doesn't have sodium. Or even a touch of basalmic vinegar (a few drops max) to other food.
I have found that freshly squeezed lemon juice on food adds flavor and a sense of saltiness w/out the salt. Squeeze instead of shake :0) -only it will make French fries soggy. Great on chicken breast, cooked veggies and even pasta. Also sea salt is lower in sodium than table salt, I believe but not sure by how much.
I was starting to get a lot of lets call it "commentary" from my mother when she needed to reduce the sodium content in her meals. I experimented - A LOT - and took her blood pressure every day to make sure what I was feeding her was NOT detrimental. After she received good news from her Dr., I settled on about 40 meals that she could eat safely.
I found that once we adjusted to limiting the salt, the less we needed. I am a very good cook and we use little salt. Garlic and onions are my friends ! Try all different spices and I am sure your family will adjust to tasting the actual food rather than the salt. Salt is in darn near every prepared food so label reading is important. When we MUST have a bit of salt I use the Morton brand substitute.

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