Will I lose my savings and my home? What's my liability?

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She has been living with me in my home, but needs to go to assisted living because I am not home enough to take care of her. Will I lose my savings and my home? What's my liability?

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If your savings and home are in your name only, then they cannot be used towards your Grandmother's care. What are her resources? That is what is available to provide care. Her monthly income (social security/pension/etc)and any savings, investments, real estate, etc. If she doesn't have much, then the question to ask is, how can she afford such care? She may be a medicaid candidate.
You have no financial responsibility for your grandmother. Spouses have financial responsibility for each other. Some states have some laws about a child's responsibility for a parent's basic needs, but I know of no US states that expect grandchildren to take financial responsibility.

As geewiz says, Grandmother is expected to pay her own way. If she has savings, investments, other assets and/or an income she will need to use that for her own care. If she is among the many, many older citizens who do not have enough income and assets to support herself the rest of her life, she is probably eligible for help from one or more programs. Medicaid is the primary source of such aid.

What is available to her will depend in part on whether she is paying for it privately or whether she needs financial aid. One good place to start learning about the options is your county's Social Services office. They will come out and do a needs assessment and help you figure out what applications need to be filled out, etc.

Bless you for caring for Grandmother. I'm sure you will continue to see that she gets the best care she can and to show her your love.

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