Where should I look for a good quality rolling walker for my 89-year-old dad?

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I'm looking for the kind with hand brakes and a seat that opens for storage. He's 6'2" and weighs about 175. Will Medicare pay for a portion of the cost? Thanks

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Do you have a medical equipment supply company in your area? They would have a large selection, generally know the right questions to ask to help you select something, and have floor models to try out.
We're in Dallas so I'm sure there are some in our area. I'll research that and find a few to go visit so he can try some out. Thank you!
How strong is he? How mobile? My MIL had a nice rolling walker (4 wheels and a seat version) - but can no longer 'keep up with it.' She must use a standard folding walker with 2 wheels on front, sliders on back. Make certain that he is stable enough to use one with 4 wheels - they do have brakes. Often they can 'forget' to use the brakes. My MIL had two falls because the walker just got away from her. She also tended to use it inappropriately - sitting on it and using her feet to push is BACKWARDS :0(. If there is some way to have him evaluated by a professional first - then you won't waste money on an item that is inappropriate OR DANGEROUS for him.
Have you checked out a Goodwill store?
What type of disability does your dad have? I My mom has PD and they've just come up with a special type of walker JUST FOR PD which is alittle heavier to push so it doesn't get away from her. It's rounded in the front (hard to explain in writing) with more wheels that rotate Works for now -- as so is the case with PD what works today may not in a few months. DAY BY DAY.
Talk to his doctor - he should be able to make recommendation. Possibly a 'prescription' for a walker - so Medicare will pay. Check with Local Agency on Aging or Senior Center - they could make recommendations. Some even have donated items that they offer to others. Worth asking.
Sometimes fire departments have some that are donated that you could borrow.
As Grandpahiker said - Goodwill usually has them regularly for $8-$10. Just make certain you know what you need as far as size and check them over carefully. Research brands online and print out photos and descriptions - so you can compare. I have seen so many assistive devices at Goodwill. Walkers, commodes, bath seats, toilet risers, you name it. Garage sales are another good place. Got a beautiful padded bath seat that retailed on Amazon.com for over $150 for $10. MIL loves it. Replaced her commode the same way. $8. We purchased her Rollator rolling walking on Amazon and sadly, she lost her strength and could no longer keep up with it and had to go to the regular folding walker. She misses the other one, she could sit on it :0) Be sure to buy a walker tray if you end up with a regular folding walker. They are so handy for carrying things and eating. Easily washed.

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