Where can I find a live in companion to help me with my household chores?

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I am looking for a live in companion to help me with my household chores. Lost my wife of 65 years and I am too tired to live alone. Will pay for services rendered.

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You would have to describe the problem by typing more details of it in here. I agree - this is a good web site, people will provide answers as they can out of their own knowledge and experience.
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I am looking for a live in companion to help me with my household chores. Lost my wife of 65 years and I am tired to live alone. Will pay for services rendered.
Bert M.
Bert: first let me say that I am sorry that you lost your wife. 65 years of marriage is long time,and I am sure we all understand how lonely you must feel.

It seems you are rather computer savvy (bravo) so do a search for 'live-in' companions using Google or any other search tool. That should help.

Post something on your facebook page. You can make all sorts of contacts on facebook! Go to communities centers, and help out. Who knows, maybe you will find someone there?

God Bless.

Most of the people here are caregivers, caring for their own family or spouse, but we all can certainly understand your loneliness.
If you are looking for live in paid help to help with household chores, you may want to go through an licensed agency instead of trying to screen by yourself a total stranger who answers a posting from you. Check to see if your state licenses home health care agencies and also contact your local area agency on aging. Have you considered moving into assisted assisted living as an alternative? Or do you have any friends who are using an agency that might recommend one for you.
I certainly appreciate your help. No, I am not ready to go to a senior citizen home!! I am still very active, not senile, traveling, cruising, driving. All I need is a companion, because the four walls in my home are not talking back to me!! I would enjoy and appreciate a life person of the opposite sex join me in my nice home.
Sorry, I didn't mean to imply you were ready for a senior citizen home. I think I used the wrong term - maybe it is not assisted living, but maybe it is active adult community, where they have housekeepers and a community dining room and pools, movies and entertainment and go out on trips to theater, etc. If you lived in the same community with other active adults maybe you could find a companion with the same interests. Maybe some on this site can tell you about them if they have family members living in them. But, if you prefer to stay in your home, good luck in your search! You may want to Have whoever you consider screened by getting a background check report for criminal record, etc.
advice and recommendation well taken!thank you for your help.
Hi Bert,
Maybe you can contact your cities Area of Aging services and they might be able to find out other seniors who are looking for a roomate. Seems that is what you are looking for and hot a home healthcare giver at this timeframe. I would find out by going to some Senior events or coordinators or churchs in the community if they have senior ladies looking for housing due to they cannot take care of an entire house any longer...just an idea. Keep us informed Bert of your quest!!!

Good Luck!

Bertme... Are you still looking for a companion or have you found someone?

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