Looking for Independent Living For Myself. Can I find it here?

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I am sorry, I believe I misunderstood the site. I thought it was for a number of living situations. I am not a caregiver. I am actually looking for independent housing. Please erase my information, or tell me how I can. Again, I apologize for my mistake. Tracey Allen

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Hi Tracey!
I think that we can still be of some help.
Look through the ads here on this page and the home page of the site and you will see different living opportunities.
for instance, just to the right of this post is a box for 'find senior living'... enter your zip and click through to get the info.
There is a drop down box that has 'independent living'.

This will be a good way for you to begin your search!
hope this was of some help and good luck. You will find some terriffic living opportunities with the advertisers on this site. Good folks.
Tracey , Bob is right this a good route to take. No need to leave and this is a great loving bunch with all types of helpful ideas infact helping anyone in need is what the general population here does best. You may want to stick around all our heads together have useful info you may find useful. Good Luck to you
Thanks so much for your feed back Bob and wuvsicecream. Such helpful and kind words from strangers. Much better then Facebook...I think I will hang around.
:) Tracey
There are actually many people on this site who are looking for services, housing, and social contacts/support groups for themselves. And most caregivers are about your age. So I would say that you are in the perfect spot! I have learned so much from everyone here...and have been the recipient of so much support. I hope you will find yourself at home here...Lilli
Glad to see that you're going to hang out with us! We look forward to hearing about your adventure in looking for an Independent Living situation.
Wuvs and Liliput are 2 great examples of good folks!
What part of the country are you in?

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