Where should I look for support groups to help me deal with the responsibilities of caring for my elderly Mother?

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This forum is one of them, and you can find very useful information on this website by clicking on the links. If you still want more, to ask.com and ask the question you've posted here. Another option is dropping by your nearest hospital and asking if they know of any caregiver support groups in the area and their contact information. In the meantime, we "got your back." Don't be shy and let it all out without profanities. We DO understand.

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Lynda, I left you a message on your wall.
I am taking care of both parents mom and Dad, Mom is paralized on left and is in a wheelchair. My father has a bipolar discorder and sufers from alzhimers. Both my wife and I care for them 24 hrs a day and can never leave them alone to go to a support group or meeting. If I leave to go anywhere my father has a panic attack. we have been doing this for a year and have given up our jobs because they do not want to go to a nursing home and no other family members want to help. We have 3 kids of our own and dont know what else to do. We are tired and fustrated
Perhaps a senior day care program can provide both respite and support group, and the elder is cared for while the meeting is going on.

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