lamkins514 Asked May 2012

My mom is in a nursing home, right now Medicare is paying her stay. What can I do when a loan of hers keeps calling?


My mom is in a nursing home, right now Medicare is paying her stay.. but she is going to be there long-term. She has no POA and I am the only sibling close by - so I am THE ONE who gets to deal with all of this on my own. :o( My mom has a small loan ($1500 approximately) with one of those small finance/loan places in town. She pays monthly about $144. Since she is in the nursing home, I am not able myself to get into her bank account to pay this for her. She will be soon going on Medicaid to pay her stay @ the nursing home.. This place keeps call ME and coming by to put notes on my door FOR my mom about this loan. I know when she got this loan, she had to put down 'collateral' - not sure what it is she put down but her apartment is gone now & all her stuff is gone. They cannot 'collect' the things she put down (whatever they were) as there isn't anything left.. and not sure how they think this loan will be paid. I do not have my name on this loan but I do have a small loan (smaller than hers) at the same place that I pay regularly and on time. Will they badger me for life to get her loan paid or somehow expect ME to pay this? I'm getting tired of the calls, notes, etc. What should I do? I have told them she is in the nursing home doing skilled care and has no POA so I cannot go into her account on my own. What don't they get?? Help! I have no extra $$ to hire an attorney for this stuff.. What can I do and more importantly, what can or will they try doing TO ME even though it's not my loan?? Thanks for your input.

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3pinkroses May 2012
As Jeanne said, you have no legal responsibility whatsoever for that loan. I would do what Jeanne suggested. On top of that, I would send them a letter to the effect that your lawyer will be contacting them regarding legal action if they continue to harass you. Of course, you don't have a lawyer, but they don't know that. Also, if you receive mail from them again, don't open it and just write" return to sender on it and be done with it." It's such a small amount as it is. Sorry they are harrassing you; you have enough to deal with taking care of your mother's needs. Good luck and take care.
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jeannegibbs May 2012
It sounds to me like what they are doing is harrassment. It is not your loan. Even if you had POA you could only pay it out of your mother's funds. What don't they get? Oh, they get it all right. They are just hoping to intimidate you into to paying although you have no legal responsibility to.

Report them to your state's consumer protection office, probably in the Attorney General's office.
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