How long can you live with high blood pressure?

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My mother is 85, and with medication, her BP is still sometimes 160/82, or as low as 140/78 in the same week. I know she first was diagnosed when she was in her 60s, stopped taking her medication for a while. The last couple years, the doctor was having trouble treating it (top number was 180 for a while), and said, well, the bottom number shows it's as low as it can go. She had a couple of TIAs a couple years ago, and had some heart fluttering while in the hospital. I just don't understand how you can live so long with high BP, when I know other people who have died around age 50 ... I myself have been taking meds for at least 10 years because I know my biological mother and brother died around the age I am right now. Well, I could get into more and more details about my mother's medical history, but just wondering. She has made a lot of good recovery from problems she was having in August and October. She is a medical mystery!

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Her bp doesnt sound bad to me. The 180 is but 140-160 on top is okay. I've heard that people wont necessarily die from it, they could have a stroke which leads them into a horrible long bedbound life, which is awful so keep giving that medication. If she goes on an antidepressant or xanax type medications it might lower it also because those reduce stress and stress is what raises it up and down also. Love her while you have her, thats all you can do, I am housebound myself with my Mom and know what its like. Good luck.
My own mother's blood pressure is off the charts high and she will be 94 next month. About 15 years ago she went to the doctor and the first thing they did was become concerned with her BP. They even put a medication under her tongue, immediately. But she never goes to her own doctor and nothing was ever done about it.

She checks her BP at home. That is how I know that it is abnormally high.
I guess it varies, as I think there are other factors involved such as cholesterol, etc. I've heard that sesame seed oil can lower blood pressure, and perhaps you may want to try it. It tastes pretty good too.
The recommended BP for people has been revised to UNDER 120/80, however, for an 85 yr. old (very senior) the BP you described is in the "normal" range because she is medicated. Since I am a nurse, as well as living with my 87 yr. old husband his BP is 118/76 without meds, however, does not have a family history of heart disease. How long can you live with high BP? Until the vessels have had enough pressure, for too long, and then a major event occurs. It is very important to keep BP in check and I am so happy she is doing better. BP meds need to be monitored and dosage adjusted regularly because many factors affect BP. Best wishes for her and you!
Both my MIL and Mother has always had high blood pressure...even with medication. I am beginning to think it is just one symptom and depending on other issues makes up a total picture. Of course, those really high bottom numbers are the strokers...anything over 100 is dangerous. That is why medication is so important.
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High blood pressure also affects your kidneys.
That's true about the kidneys. My aunt had high blood pressure, that the Dr. couldn't control. It was the same as your Mom's, Cycloops. Very high, and the Dr. would put her on some new med, then it went too low and she was dizzy and very fatigued. He put her on diuretics. She went into kidney failure. Slowly....but it happened. Then he took her off of everything. Her blood pressure went sky high. He put a cautionary limit on it: 250/100!!! Completely incompetent man. My aunt suffered a stroke. It put her into a comatose-like existence. Very sad. I hope this post will help someone else facing this type of dilemna. Point being, don't be overly trusting in what the Dr. advises. By the time the family was aware of what was happening, and got another Dr., it was too late. We all have to have knowlege and ask questions, and get second opinions, because there are completely incompetent Docs out there who just don't care enough about an old patient!!! :(((
The question should be: How long can you live with elevated BP and still remain asymptomatic? Not long. The effects of high BP are many....on the brain, heart, kidneys and lungs. It is important that she take some medication for this condition. Isolated sytolic hypertension is common among women over 60. A good number would be 134 up to 159, Systolic.
Ferris, R.N. : I don't know of anyone who has a BP of 120/80, except a young person. This site addresses seniors.
Thanks, everybody! Her doctor back in our hometown was pretty laidback about everything and in the meantime, her BP got really high. She has been seen by a lot more doctors since she moved near me and her BP numbers have been better. They have said that her kidneys aren't doing so great -- but she seems OK, just really frail. I have told her that she needs to take her medicine because she wouldn't want to have a stroke and be bedridden, and I think she finally got the message. She has even tried to cut back some on salty foods. She still likes that salt shaker though.
Hi Everyone
I'm turning 50 This month and last year my doctor told me I had genetic hypertension he put me on hctz ,I don't go to fast food place, never smoked or drank heavily, I weight lift, I use a spinner bike, I'm 5"6" weight 200 with a BMI under 15, I eat right, I'm studying Fr. Furhmans full course on food but some times my BP goes up to 140/90 and very rarely does it go up to 160/100, I am taking the prescribed meds everyday and my wife is a Medical asst taking my BP at least once a week which I put on a calendar but it makes me nervous to see this Should I be and is there anything else I can do

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