Mom is living by self, is very lonely and she unable to walk far. What can I do to modivate her?

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Hi Labgemo523

You can always keep your mom motivated by talking to her about past experiences like "mom remember when we were walking through the store and you saw that bird fly in", or mom remember when you made such and such, how do you make that again, or mom your garden has always gone wild, how did you ever do that. Perhaps to get her to talking to take her mind off of her depression may work.

My mom seems to be depresses too due to her stroke, and sometimes she looks lost glancing out the window. It's times like those that I bring up past experiences. Seems to help because it takes her to a world she can remember. God knows she cannot remember the daily things now as the stroke has brought on Dem/Alz.

Come up with something she has always done well, or been good at and talk to her about it. The trick is to try and bring her "spirit" back.

Is she on anything for depression? and I don't remember if you said how old she is.

I hope this helps. We're here for you.

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