List of contractors to install grab bars in bathroom. Any recommendations?

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Not knowing where you live, it’s not possible for us to list contractors in your area. Look on Facebook and see if there is a community page in your area. Ask on there if anyone on that page can recommend a handyman or contractor. There’s also Angie’s List.
Gracie, you need a carpenter to install grab bars. This is advice given to me decades ago by the plumbing contractor who still helps out when needed.

The Alz. Assn. has a list which was sent at my request listing companies that do retrofits with assistive devices. You might find a carpenter there.

I don't wish to challenge HugeMom as I greatly respect her advice, but I wouldn't be comfortable with FB or Angie's List as a resource. A plumber I had when I briefly left my decades long plumber to try someone else was absolutely the worst contractor I ever had. Not only was one of them very unprofessional but another one got reckless with a saw and hti something which blew out the phone I had at that time. Totally "fried" the phone and never offered to replace it.

The guy must have thought he was a dueling champion, wielding his saw like a swashbuckling swordsman. It's a good thing he only hit the phone line and not an electrical cord. To think that this company is still in business is unsettling.

And that company is listed on Angie's List.

I found my plumber by contacting the building department of my community, since they worked with licensed contractors who had to pull permits for jobs.

And, just in case you aren't aware, all the bars have to be anchored in studs.
Thank you for your suggestions. It gives me a place to start.

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