How can I get my mother up when she falls, I can't lift her back up?

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Wow, does that bring back memories for me! I had to call the fire department weekly for awhile and was told I was abusing the system. I didn't intentionally do that, but what do we do?

I've (semi) jokingly said in interviews that every city needs one person or more on call to just help up elders who have fallen. We aren't likely to get that. The falls were what eventually put my mother in an excellent nursing home.

Of course, eliminating as many falls as possible if the first step. I'm assuming you have taken steps to remove hazards. Talking to the doctor about why he or she falls is important as well.

My neighbor and I could, by working together, get him up from the floor by using a chair as an aid, but that didn't work for my mother. I don't know of any safe device that can help - even nursing homes use trained people.

I wish I could do more than offer sympathy and emotional support. If anyone out there knows of such a device, please let us know.
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You can rent a Hoyer lIft (belt hoist) which is used at nursing homes to lift the elders up off the bed and into their chairs. Or you can go to a nursing home and ask someone to teach you how to assist her after she has fallen. My experience from lifting my Dad from the floor was to roll him onto his back, then facing him, my legs streaddled on either side of him, I would pull him by his shirt into a sitting position, holding him there, I would move around to his back while he was in the sitting position, put my arms(at elbow bend) under his underarms and lift him up while my knees were slightly bent. Lift mostly with your legs, it takes the strain off of your back. You have to do this very quickly. Also, you need to have her positioned by a chair, couch or a bed. It's over with before you know it.
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Thank you for your kind responses. I continued searching after I posted my question. I found out that Medicare will pay for a portable Hoyer lift if it takes 2 or more people to pick the person up. She definitely falls into that category (no pun intended)! The doctor has to prescribe/approve it. In our case, the doctor sent the order directly to a local durable medical equipment company. They will deliver and train me how to use it.
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