What is my mom's lifespan?

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My mother is 80 yr old she has congested heart failure and pace maker. she is inthe hopsital on they just told her she has a leaking heart valve.

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Have you been able to talk to her doctor about the prognosis?

People can live with congested heart failure for many years.

A leaky heart valve can involve several different heart problems, and can involve various treatment approaches, including surgery.

I think that only a healthcare provider who knows your mother's particular circumstances can give you an explanation of the treatment options and her prognosis with and without treatment.
Thanks..the dr always shows up when i leave..my mids have virus and so does my sister so it all up to me
See if you can find out when her doctor usually makes rounds, and try to be there early and plan to stay later. My husband's doctor made rounds at 5 am (!!) so I always made sure I was there earlier than that, to talk to her.

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