What legal forms do I need to have in place for my mother so I can care for her, medically and otherwise?

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My Mother is in beginning stages of dementia. What legal forms do I need to have in place so I can care for her, medically and otherwise.

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You need to see an estate attorney with her and have a Power of Attorney for financial reasons, and also a Health Directive which includes a living will so that you can help her with health decisions and have access to her doctors (also sometimes called a Power Of Attorney for Health Care). You should ask the attorney if there is anything else necessary, because her assets could make a difference. Of course, she needs a will.

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Durable Power of Attorney for finances and Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Decisions.
I agree with TheFixer. We did this for my mom when she was diagnosed and have had to use them several times since.

Do a google search on "Five Wishes". It is a document you can fill out together that outlines all her health care wishes. You can get one for $5. It is legal as a POA for health care in 40 states. You'll have to get your local form for a POA for finances. We got one from the local department on aging for free. Our only cost was $3 for the notary fee when we went to get it signed.

Depending on how you fill out the forms, they may not take effect immediately. We filled ours out such that they took effect once we had 2 doctors declare that mom was no longer competent. A few months later, we got those declarations and the POAs became active.

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